Intensive Facial Treatments


Brightening Facial (Enzyme Micro Peel)
A skin brightening treatment suitable for all skin types. Using AHA & Papaya Enzymes to achieve a healthier, radiant skin. This peel requires zero down time and gives you instant radiance! Benefits: Fantastic for congested, dull, devitalized or ageing skins or for when you need a “pick me up”.

Single Price $45 | Buy 3 or more (20% off) $36 per service

Refining & Clarifying Facial (Peel Accelerator)
Correcting treatment (for pigmentation & clarifying). Using 42% blend of AHA’s and B vitamins, the refining & clarifying facial is a bv corrective treatment. Expect slight to mild pinkness after the treatment for 1-8 hours & possible micro flaking 1-3 days post treatment. No down time required. Benefits: To achieve skin clarity & refining congested, acne or problematic skin while also providing an effective pigmentation treatment to even the skin tone and achieve luminosity and restored skin health.

Single Price $55 | Buy 3 or more (20% off) $44 per service

Collagen Repair Treatment for Ageing or Acne (Ageless Peel)
Cellular Repair Facial for Ageing & Acne. The vitamin A will repair DNA damage and regulate sebaceous activity (oil flow). Expect possible pinkness after the treatment for 1-24 hours. Possible micro flaking but no down time required. Benefits: An “Anabolic treatment to rebuild skin strength, health & suppleness. Fantastic for treating ageing pigmentation as well as Acne or Acne scarring.

Single Price $85 | Buy 3 or more (20% off) $68 per service

Intensive Peeling to Renew the Skin (Purple Peel)
AHA collagen induction.
Intensive, resurfacing treatment for problematic, scarred, pigmented, ageing skin that wants to “start fresh”. Suitable preparation homecare essential. Expect redness for 1-3 days and a possible significant peeling or “shedding” of old skin. Up to 2 weeks down time required. Your therapist will advise you on this in your thorough consultation. Benefits: Intensive, resurfacing treatment for problematic, scared, Pigmented, ageing skin that wants to “start fresh”.

Single Price
Buy 3 or more (20% off)
$120 per service
$144 per service
Half Back
$144 per service
Half Arms
$144 per service